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Fellow LP Soldiers, time to get pissed off!

…At least I am!


3 months ago (probably the day after the actual event), I found a review of Linkin Park’s performance at Rock Werchter in Belgium on June 30 2011, by some reporter for Humo (Belgian magazine) I don’t even know if he’s a real reporter because this review doesn’t look very professional to me…


Ok I guess there’s always people that don’t like the band but this was way above rudeness… It pretty much pissed me off what he said about the band’s music & performance. That’s why I did my best to translate the review to English to be able to show you guys. After the actual review I wrote my opinion with lots of pleasure!


BTW, the review has 111 replies now… Pretty much all of them are very positive about the band’s performance. I was there so I can reassure you the audience was pretty excited… (BTW, if any of you find the time for it, go and translate some of the comments, with Google Translate or something, lol yeah, not the best solution, but still)


Ok here it goes:



Linkin Park was messing with your mind: fifteen minutes later than planned they came up, and you were so excited to watch their performance that you kept applauding every time a single person appeared on stage – the crew probably hasn’t felt so popular before.
The performance:
We’ll be honest: ten years ago – we were fifteen and naive – we bought ‘Hybrid Theory’, the debut album of the Californian sextet. A year later we left Linkin Park behind (anyway we are suspicious of bands that avoid alcohol and drugs) and Jimi Hendrix crossed our path ever since our paths are never separated. We didn’t expect more than a trip down memory when we went to the Mainstage to prepare for the show. It was anything but a pleasant trip. 

Nu metal (or whatever it may be) appears to be still popular after ten years: teenage girls flourished during every intro they recognized, and just about everybody obeyed the orders of frontman Chester Bennington. The band gave us visual effects, which was nothing more than one upgrade from Windows screensavers that passed into foreign constellations – do not ask us exactly what constellations, we would need LSD to make anything out of it. 

Linkin Park was loud, deafening loud, the ground shook under them hard bass, and it would not be surprised if Beady Eye at the Marquee was difficult to hear. We recognized “Papercut” “In The End’, ‘Crawling’ and breakthrough song “One Step Closer’, and we could only think: mehh.  After “Lying From You’ and ‘Given Up’ It was ‘Numb’s turn, which the meaningless lines Bennington sang “I’m tired of being what you want me to be ‘ – it probably expresses the teenage terror of their audience, but we found it mostly annoying. 

Throughout the whole performance – a long one and a half hours – we wondered, yawning: “this is been scedueled after Queens of the Stone Age?” Concerned parents whose teenagers listen Linkin Park, we can reassure as well, this too shall pass. 

One Step Closer ‘, for old times’ sake. But not wholeheartedly. 

Read a sign: “Chester, do me!” Rather you than us, though. 


Source:…  here’s the original review, written in Dutch…



First of all, they were 15 minutes late: I’m not sure if it’s true, he might be right, I wasn’t looking at the time (had other things in mind… Just came back from meeting the actual band members so, yeah, pretty much excitement going on…) The Meet&Greet was probably the reason why the band came on stage ‘so late’… They take their time to talk to fans, before every damn show (So much respect to them from my side for that!) so it probably took a little longer than expected…


“Anyway we are suspicious of bands that avoid alcohol and drugs” OK, no comment!


Who the hell is “we” he’s always talking about, I strongly doubt it’s the audience (because everyone was really loud & excited. It was a blast. Probably him & his ‘reporting’ crew… To me he seems like some guy that stood behind me during the show that got very annoyed by my loudness (I was definately one of the ‘screaming teenage girls’ he was talking about, even though I’m 20 years old, standing between people (ladies & gents at the ages of, let’s say, 16 – 50?)


I must say it was an amazing live performance, I couldn’t imagine it being even better than this, the visual effects were great too BTW. Not to say anything bad about other bands, but there was much more energy going than when I compare it to QOTSA’s show (I watched from the side with my fellow LP fans while awaiting the M&G) The band is really worth coming back to the festival anytime… I’m not the only one who thinks that way.


Sorry for the very long post, but I think I’ve got everything said here now…
Thanks for your time



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